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Palmer Financial Consulting is a professional tax consulting firm that has over 27 years helping individuals and business owners with their tax preparation and with any unresolved tax issues such as back taxes or under auditing. What makes us unique is our combined 12 years of experience in the profession working for the IRS as an agent and having complete understanding of how the United States tax system works.

After working for the IRS for over a decade, Stephen Palmer – the founder, instituted his training, knowledge, and experience into opening his own tax consulting firm; to offer a more in depth and true one on one consulting, which is something he felt was lacking in the industry. 15 years later and hundreds of clients now under his management, Stephen Palmer continues to lead his team on his endeavor to help individuals and business owners take full advantage of all the benefits they may not know qualify for.

Why Palmer Financial Consulting?

Tax Optimization

Palmer Financial Consulting has over 27 years of experience working on and managing tax files for clients; of which consists of over 12 years in the profession as an IRS agent. Our combined experience as an IRS agent and the 15 years of tax consulting, allows us to optimize the tax benefits you as an individual or as a business qualifies for.

Save Money

The most favorable benefit from working with a professional and experienced tax consultant firm like Palmer Financial Consultants; is our mission goal to always save our clients as much as we can qualify them for. With over 74,608 pages worth of tax codes, it’s difficult for our clients to properly prepare their taxes all while maximizing their savings potential on their own.

24 Hour Resolution Plan

For individuals or businesses that need a quick solution to their tax problem, Palmer Financial Consultants can offer an effective resolution plan within as fast as 24 hours, after first reviewing your tax files. Our 12 years in the profession as an IRS agent has given us an upper leverage on tax evaluations, as we know what we need to look for and know how to solve it.


Our resolution success rate is nearly 100%


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