Corporate & Individual Income Tax

Corporate & Individual Income Tax

Corporate & Individual Income Tax

As an Enrolled Agent and past IRS agent, Palmer Financial Consulting has the expertise and experience to ensure yours or your company’s taxes are properly filed annually.

Palmer Financial Consulting has a combined total of 27 years of experience in consulting and preparing taxes on behalf of corporate businesses and individuals.

When preparing taxes to file, there’s an easy way, and the right way to do it. At Palmer Financial Consulting we focus on preparing yours or your business’ taxes the correct and most efficient away. When utilizing all the different tax codes corporate and individual taxpayers may benefit from a larger tax return or a lesser owed amount.

Benefits of Having a Corporate & Individual Income Tax Specialist?

Having a licensed and professional tax consulting firm can be more beneficial than you may think. Although there are dozens of applications that file your taxes for free, what they don’t do is optimize your taxes for maximum return. That’s something Palmer Financial Consulting does. Here are some reasons on how you can benefit from Palmer Financial Consulting :

  • Maximum full potential for tax returns
  • Protect you from being assessed or from being improperly or incorrectly penalized by the IRS.
  • Save you time by managing the preparation on your behalf.

Did you just receive a notice from the IRS?

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