Federal and State Tax Issues

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Understanding the Difference between Federal and State Taxes

The United States taxation system consists of thousands of tax codes under Federal, State, and Local level. While Federal tax laws govern all the United States, states and local governments may apply their own tax regulations within their level.

In the event of a taxpayer finding themselves in a situation of having tax issues, it’s important to understand from whom the tax issue is regarding. The reason being is because depending on the level of the tax branch, the resolutions for the issue will vary.

Tax Collection Methods

While the tax regulations may vary depending on the level, the methods on how they attempt to resolve or collection on unpaid taxes is similar. Each branch of government has and can use the same methods of collections as the IRS such as wage garnishment, seizure of property, bank levies, liens, and more. Of course, the severity of the issue will influence on how the course of action in means of collections will be determined.

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