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What is Tax Negotiation?

For taxpayers seeking tax relief, an option to put into consideration is to negotiate with the IRS. At often, depending about the case, the IRS is open for negotiation to lesser the balance or extend payment arrangements; as an effort to collect some portion of what’s owed, rather than leaving the account pending. However, setting the terms for a negotiation with the IRS is what can be difficult and a time-consuming process for most taxpayers to manage on their own. This is where a tax negotiation specialist comes into plan.

Simple enough a tax negotiation is a process in which a tax specialist negotiates on your behalf a better and more reasonable resolution proposal than what the IRS is insisting on collecting. We first begin by evaluating and analyzing your current tax issues and financial status to better understand your case. There are various scenarios a specialist can qualify you under that can help them present reason on the importance of negotiating. Once our team of tax negotiation specialists have enough information to present to the IRS, they’ll proceed with setting an arrangement for negotiation talks.

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