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What is Payroll Tax?

A Payroll Tax are State and Federal taxes that employers are required to withhold and/or pay on behalf of their employees. These taxes also include Social Security and Medicare taxes from your employees.

In the event of an employer following behind on their payroll tax obligations, most tax professionals would agree that it will be within the employer’s best intent to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Out of all possible taxes owed, payroll taxes are among the ones the government takes very seriously and is quick to retaliate with collection methods as a form to recoup the losses.

Why Work with Palmer Tax Group?

Federal and State Payroll Taxes are no joke and is something to be taken very seriously; and because of the seriousness of the scenario, we always advise, if your company needs the help, get it. Palmer Tax Group has the years and experience helping businesses facing Payroll Tax issues, the guidance and expertise to strategically plan a resolution towards their case.

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