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What is an IRS Audit?

If the IRS has any questions or reason for wanting to revise on your tax file, they’ll conduct what’s called an audit. An audit is an investigation conducted by the IRS as an attempt to review your tax files for any given reason. These reasons could be small such as:

Or the reason could be more significant such as finding out you owe the IRS.

What is an Authorized Representative and What do They do?

Fortunately, the IRS does allow taxpayers under audit to find an Authorized Representative to represent them on their behalf during the examination. Only qualified representatives are authorized to represent a taxpayer under audit these include:

The same reason why most defendants seek a lawyer to represent their case and defend them on their behalf, is the same reason why most taxpayers choose to have an Authorized Representative help with their audit. There’s a lot that an Authorized Representative does for the taxpayer their representing, one of the most favorable benefits is the ease of mind during a stressful situation. Some of the other important responsibilities and tasks Authorized Representatives do for taxpayers are:

What to do if Your Receive an Audit Notice?

It’s common for the very first reaction to feel some sort of panic or concern when receiving an IRS Audit Notice. However, it’s important to address this matter in a professional and focused mindset; rather than an action based off emotion.

If you receive a notice, don’t delay a response. Delaying a response is the biggest mistake most taxpayers do when they receive a notice. Even if you can’t provide what the IRS is requesting, it’s better to answer acknowledging you received the notice and requesting an extension to give you more time to think about the next step.

The severity of the reason for the audit should determine whether a taxpayer should seek guidance and work with an Authorized Representative; in addition to the taxpayer’s ability to respond to the demands of the IRS while managing their life responsibilities.

Why Work with Palmer Tax Group?

When facing an IRS Audit, the IRS is more concerned about retaining the information their requesting than worrying about who is providing the information. This ideology helps numerous taxpayers resolve their issue without the obligation of resolving it themselves. Palmer Tax Group is a recognized Authorized Representative by the IRS and has spent the last 27 years representing taxpayers on their behalf to resolve their audit while allowing taxpayers to continue with their life responsibilities.

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