Filing Overdue Returns

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The importance of Filing Overdue Returns

Filing taxes is one of the most important duties citizens are responsible for doing every year. However, there are numerous reasons on why people do not file their tax returns. Once a year or more have gone by of not filing tax returns, the situation becomes more and more overwhelming and difficult to resolve.

It’s important to stay current on your tax return or to try resolving any unfiled tax returns as quickly as possible to avoid mounting penalties and compounded interest added to your balance, as well as receiving tax refunds. In addition, to avoid possible collection action from the IRS

Why Work With Palmer Tax Group?

One of the biggest problems most taxpayers have in general is not having the proper records needed to file a tax return, and not knowing where to obtain them. At Palmer Tax Group, our team of experts can help obtain those records on your behalf and prepare your tax returns for you; catching you up to speed with your taxes.

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