It was truly a relief to have Palmer Financial Consultant do my taxes this year since my employer didn’t report my income correctly and not knowing what to do was overwhelming. I was recommended to talk to Palmer Financial and everything was handled professionally and accurately. I would HIGHLY recommend having this company do your taxes, they do really help and get things done.
4/5/2021 – Sergio B
Palmer tax group is great. They are very easy to work with. When talked to them first time they was very helpful. Explained everything that was going on with clarity and went right to work for me with its. Highly recommend them I know they are helping me.
3/16/2021 – Robert M
I was reluctant to try another firm because I had a bad experience with pne popular tax company but ended up amazed with my results. Mr.Palmer corrected my businesses books once and for all. Now I’m looking forward to expanding without worrying about payroll
12/19/2020 – Barbara B
My tax problem was overwhelming and I was about to give up I heard a commercial and decided to give Palmer Tax Group a call, they were able to get my tax debt reduced and put me into a payment plan that I can manage I’m so glad that I made that call because I no longer worry about my IRS problems.
09/23/2020 – Diane F.
The company went above and beyond to help me get a lien on my house stop, the whole team was very professional and listen to my concerns I would recommend Palmer Tax Group to anyone needing help with the IRS or State.
09/23/2020 – Kelly W.
I’ve tried for years to deal with my IRS issues on my own after multiple failed attempts a friend recommended Palmer Tax Group I went ahead and called I was tired needless to say that was the best decision I could ever make because within just a few months my issues are resolved and I am now expecting my first IRS refund in over 6 years.
09/22/2020 – Kay P.
Palmer Tax Group has helped me resolve my issues with my tax debt. The customer service team were able to answer all my questions and concerns and helped me feel secure throughout the process. Mr. Palmer and David **** are amazing at what they do! The helped lower my debt and I am no longer being garnished. I highly recommend Palmer Tax Group and I will to all friends and family.
09/02/2020 – Stephen
My tax situation was handled in an efficient and timely manner. I would recommed this company.
08/28/2020 – Cindy C.
Great company! The customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend this company.
08/23/2020 – Brandon L.
Very professional and courteous. I would recommend this company to anyone that should need their services.
08/23/2020 – Nicole G.
Worked with Palmer Tax Group had a great experience and I highly recommend!
08/20/2020 – Penelope P
I highly recommend Palmer Tax Group. Professionalism,expertise and excellent customer service.
08/18/2020 – Lucinda S.
Prior to going to Palmer Tax Group I had a lot of problems with the IRS. They helped me resolve my issues and now I feel comfortable financially. I will have them file my future returns. I will recommend them to all family and friends! Thank you Palmer Tax Group!
08/12/2020 – Diane F.
I am very pleasantly surprised and in Awe of how knowledgeable the Palmer Tax Group has handled my tax issues. I am grateful to have eliminated $38,000 in tax liability plus $10,000 back in state penalties and interest.
07/23/2020 – Jonathan N.
I like working with Palmer Tax Group and with Stephen Palmer. The customer service is very helpful. We are waiting on an update from the IRS but I like the progress Palmer Tax Group has made so far
07/15/2020 – Nassiruddin A.