IRS Taxpayer Protection Program Hacked by GAO

Criticism of the IRS’s cybersecurity loopholes and breaches is endless, so a recent report by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) finding the agency’s Taxpayer Protection Program (TPP) problematic isn’t exactly a big surprise. The TPP is intended to identify possibly bogus tax return filers and prevent fraud. But the bad guys are still able to get through and claim fraudulent refunds despite the IRS’s best efforts to bolster the program, the GAO found.

How Does Income Inequality Affect the Tax Code

The income inequality and its slow but steady progress since the years following the Great Recession are often mentioned alongside the Tax Code issues. Social mobility, the amount that a typical American moves up or down the economic ladder from where their parents and grandparents previously were, has gained traction and became by now a major focus of socio-political debate, academic research and popular outrage, especially in the wake of…