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Palmer Tax Group is a tax consulting group that has a combined total of over 27 years of
experience working with taxpayers and helping them resolve their back taxes.

What makes Palmer Tax Group unique and successful in resolving tax issues is our
dedicated team of tax relief experts and our very own 12 years of experience working
for the IRS as a representative. This experience given our team the insight on how the
IRS operates and conducts their investigations.


Three simple steps to understand the process of how our company works.



The first step is to have a free consultation with one of our tax experts to evaluate your taxes to plan for your resolution.



After the free consultation with a tax expert, we’ll begin an investigation and start communications with the IRS on your behalf.



After compliance with the IRS our team has successfully resolved and closed your outstanding case.

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What Is Tax Relief?

Each year millions of Americans fall behind on their tax payments to the IRS. It’s an experience most taxpayers will recall as intimidating and pressuring as it’s difficult to resolve something you don’t know; especially when the IRS initiates their aggressive collection tactics like wage garnishments and bank levies. This is where tax relief comes into play, but more importantly Palmer Tax Group’s role in your resolution.

Palmer Tax Group’s knowledgeable and experienced experts can help you conclude a tax relief deal with the IRS without experiencing the intimidation and pressure. For over 27 years, we’ve developed and use proven strategies to represent clients during audits, use to help reduce their tax debt, and protect them from wage garnishments and bank levies. For most taxpayers a tax relief plan is the best solution that solves their problem with the IRS within the shortest amount of time.

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I am very pleasantly surprised and in Awe of how knowledgeable the Palmer Tax Group has handled my tax issues. I am grateful to have eliminated $38,000 in tax liability plus $10,000 back in state penalties and interest.

– Jonathan N.

I like working with Palmer Tax Group and with Stephen Palmer. The customer service is very helpful. We are waiting on an update from the IRS but I like the progress Palmer Tax Group has made so far

– Nassiruddin A.

I like the service so far as a new client with Palmer Tax Group. Looking forward to having my tax situation resolved in the near future!

– Arthur B.

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